About the Pack


The Sports Pack is The WOLF Internet Radio’s flagship sports talk radio. The Pack joins the sports stream of the WOLF as an increase in programming to the sports stream. The Sports Pack features an all new crew and content. Join us every Wednesday at 7pm for in depth coverage of UWG sports as well as national sports coverage. Please feel free to join in on the conversation through our site and on Twitter @ TheWOLFsports . We thank you for tuning in and supporting the efforts of the Wolf Internet Radio.

-The Pack

Meet Our Crew

John Morgan: Host

John completed his undergraduate degree in Mass Communications in April of 2012 from the University of West Georgia. While an undergraduate, John was highly involved in student media, creating Full Coverage Sports and developed a great working relationship with West Georgia athletics. A native of Chattanooga, TN John is an avid Tennessee Volunteers and Atlanta Braves fan. Sports is John’s passion and he loves talking about any sport. John’s goal for the Sports Pack is to maintain a great listening environment for passionate sports listeners to create a lasting conversation on the WOLF Sports.

Justin Ransom: Host

Justen is a sophomore at the University of West Georgia studying Mass Communications. Justen is a passionate sports fan and will play any sport that creates a challenge. Although Justen is a true blue Michigan Wolverines fan, Justen loves discussing all aspects of the sports industry. Justen’s goal for the Sports Pack is to grow the show into a great listening environment supported by listeners to bring a great radio sports talk show for the WOLF Sports.


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